Turin workshop

Turin XVIII century


Author or Workshop:
Turin workshop
Turin, 1755-60 circa. Carved and gilded poplar with top marble
Height 90 cm - Width 84 cm - Depth 62 cm
Private collection, Turin, Italy
Vittorio Viale, Mostra del barocco piemontese. Mobili ed intagli, Turin 1963, tav. 69; Roberto Antonetto, Il mobile piemontese nel Settecento. Vol. II, Turin 2010, pag. 217, no. 22
Exceptional wall console, with four cross legs, streamlined and elegant in shape. The wood has been inlaid with exquisite workmanship and worked with two types of gold, ‘shiny gold leaf’ and ‘dull gold leaf to give a depth and accentuate the richness of the engraving. The extraordinary rococo? decoration of Palazzo Reale and Palazzo Carignano is perfectly evident in this console, in particular in the spirals and rippling flowers on the leg tops. Other exceptional features are the leaves under the table and the large flower at the crossover of the legs. The elegant, flowing line of the legs is accompanied by an amazing expressive force and the quality of the inlay; multiple spirals, flowers, leaves, vegetation stylings and a beautifully elegant curl, which bring to mind the best works of the greatest Piedmontese wood engravers like Piffetti, create a unique whole of the best quality. The top of the console is closed by a small Greek fret typical of Louis XV in which the marble is slotted, this too being of exquisite manufacture.

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