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The Chiale Fine Art gallery was founded in 1971 by Aldo Chiale who, driven by his passion for history of art, started a small collection of objects, antique furniture and paintings with a regional imprinting, to enhance the cultural heritage of the Piedmont region.
Over the years, his passion and his collection has been expanded by incorporating objects of international taste, such as French or English furniture, European antique sculptures and decorations with extra-European character.

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Almost 50 years of history Chiale Fine Art

In the 90s the gallery participates in the most important international Italian events such as the Milan International Exhibition and the Gotha of Parma, fairs attended by the most representative Italian and European art galleries.
In 2001 the Chiale gallery changed its headquarters by opening a prestigious showroom in Racconigi with the internecapolavori of the Turin cabinetmakers who worked for the royal court of the Savoy, such as Giuseppe Maria Bonzanigo, Pietro Piffetti, Giovanni Galletti, lacquered Venetian furniture, sculptures of the Florentine renaissance and many other objects of international importance. In the same year, the Gallery participated for the first time at the Florence International Antiques Fair, one of the most important events in the world in the international panorama of art fairs.
The following years Aldo Chiale continues the expansion of the gallery at an international level and in 2004 he became part of the Chiale Fine Art the first born Alessandro, graduated in History of Art at the University of Turin under the tutelage of the famous Phd. Giovanni Romano, expert in medieval sculpture.

With the look at the future Chiale Fine Art

The seriousness of the gallery is embellished by the appointment of Aldo Chiale, at the court of Saluzzo, as a court expert. This position is the crowning achievement of a career devoted to the seriousness and passion for art that consecrates Aldo Chiale as a reference figure among Italian gallerists and collectors.
In 2009, the second son, Federico, graduated in Architecture at the Polytechnic of Turin, entered the gallery.
In 2012, now established as a reference gallery in the Italian art scene, Chiale Fine Art participates in the international exhibition MasterpieceLondon Art Fair, one of the most important exhibitions on the international scene based in London.
The following years are a succession of successes, with sales to Italian and American museums and with the succession of purchases by the most important collectors in the art scene. The gallery participates in this moment at other international fairs, such as the Brafa Art Fair and the famous Paris Biennale.

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