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Chiale Fine Art soon in Brussels

Federico Chiale, 10-09-2018

The Chiale Fine Art Gallery is happy to announce the opening of a new office in Brussels, on Rue Aux Laines 40, near the splendid Petite Sablond. Known for years as a city of art and seat of the European parliament, in recent years Brussels, thanks to the amazing Brafa Art Fair, has seen a strong increase in international collectors, philanthropists and investors, increasingly concentrated in the collections of classical art. Our intent is therefore to enhance Italian art in Europe, with exhibitions and events focused on the promotion and enhancement of our cultural heritage: our country is in fact the cradle of the greatest artists in the history of world art, and in In particular, the city of Turin saw the birth and growth of internationally renowned cabinetmakers such as Luigi Prinotto, Pietro Piffetti, Giuseppe Maria Bonzanigo, Francesco Bolgiè and many others. The gallery will be active in mid-October with an exhibition of all our HIGHLIGHTS that include antique sculptures, old master paintings, international cabinetry and art objects, including lacquered boxes, wooden microsculptures and much more.

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