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Masterpiece London: the Online luxury fair

federico chiale, 26-06-2020

The first edition of Masterpiece Fair Online has started a few days ago. This is the first entirely online international art fair, where exhibitors interact with the public through the virtual platform, with interviews, discussions, and virtual tours of their art galleries. In the current situation in which we are living, we are looking for fallback solutions, even in the world of art. Masterpiece London has always represented an alternative fair compared to all the others: born as a 'luxury salon', more precisely a salon for a millionaire, it has always embraced various artistic themes among them, such as old master paintings, archeology, ancient and contemporary art , vintage cars, jewels and even boats. This versatility created an outline that was not always positive at the fair, almost depriving it of a precise identity. The editions we took part in, ranging from 2012 to 2018, also saw a change in the type of public, initially more focused on collecting, with a subsequent evolution towards an audience of red carpet VIPs, more interested in exhibiting them themselves than to art. Nonetheless, the fair has always been of the highest quality, counting among its exhibitors the most important art galleries in the world, such as Robilant + Voena, Alessandra Di Castro, Ronald Phillips, and many other internationally renowned art gallery owners. The challenge of creating an online fair (from 22nd to 28th June) places Masterpiece London Art Fair as a bulwark among art exhibitions in the world. Whether or not it will be a success will be seen in the coming months, however it is important to recognize the courage of the organizers in not wanting to interrupt an annual appointment in the most important month for the European and international art market in the English capital. In fact, between June and July, London offers three weeks where, the word ART becomes an icon: Masterpiece London Art Fair, London Master Week, and the week of auctions with Christie's and Sotheby's to compete for the scepter of the best auction house. The first appointment is going on stage and we believe it is a success, despite missing the atmosphere of beauty and glamor that was breathed inside Masterpiece. In fact, we look forward to being able to walk again through the wide corridors of the fair to delight our view with a painting by Picasso or a Greek statue of the second century BC, naturally accompanied by a glass of excellent champagne.

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