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Paris Fine Art La Biennale: stronger together

Chiale Fine Art, 28-09-2022

From 7 to 13 November there will be the first edition of the fair Paris Fine Art and La Biennale, a much awaited appointment by exhibitors and collectors as it contains the two Parisian fairs after years of fratricidal struggles. The fair will offer a very large parterre of exhibitors, including our Gallery. There will be international exhibitors and galleries of design, antiques, art objects and objects of the twentieth century. The fair is preparing to be a starting point for an international event of high quality in the world of art. November is also a very active month in the Paris of art and collectors will certainly not miss it. Our gallery has selected for this event a series of wooden and marble sculptures including a splendid 14th century French Madonna with Child and an exceptional wooden crucifix, attributed to the Florentine master Santi Buglioni. We will also bring a splendid collection of eighteenth-century Parisian French miniatures and two 'Nature Morte' paintings attributed to the painter Luca Forte, master of Neapolitan still lifes of the 1600s. now over the Covid19 pandemic, he will certainly want to admire and buy the art masterpieces that will be present at the first edition of Paris Fine Art La Biennale.

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